Rob Boylan is a mediocre-at-best film writer and blogger, mostly working for the Orlando Weekly and his own blog, Shoot the Film Critic. He is an easy 4, but a hard 5, and may be a little too swayed by charm and open emotion (and le subtitles). Being able to say “I’m a film critic” at parties has never had the effect on girls he hoped for. Not looking like Silent Bob might help, but he remains resolute.

He grew up in Brooklyn, though not the cool part of Brooklyn, and began watching film seriously during 7th grade Media Class, when his crazy, bellbottom clad hippie teacher, Mr. Pearl, showed the class Akira, Darkman and The Purple Monster Strikes. The hook was in and it’s been all downhill since.

Francois Tuffaut’s Shoot the Piano Player is an especially important film to him and, aside from it lending a name (and various header images) to this blog,  it’s a film he revisits every year on his birthday.

Sadly, he has no aptitude for the piano.