Alex Cox Repo Man Q&A – 4/12/13 – Alamo Drafthouse, Denver



There was a full house on Friday night at the Alamo Drafthouse in Denver for a screening of Alex Cox’s cult classic Repo Man, the first 35mm screening at the Denver Drafthouse since its opening.

The film is a sort of low life gutter punk approximation of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, that mingles a story of disaffected youth, disaffected middle age and stolen alien bodies together for a test drive and rides it right off the edge of the cliff in magnificent glory.

It’s an interesting Q&A, going into the backstory of Tracy Walter and Sy Richardson’s characters, the generic products, a little about the soundtrack, and Cox learns about the death of The Plasmatics’ Wendy O. Williams (they showed this video before the film), and Cox’s own life as a repo man for GMAC. I edited out the questions because you couldn’t really hear them, and he sort of repeats the question as he answers it.

For a first trip to the Drafthouse, it’s hard to ask for a better experience. Seeing a great print of a really fun film like Repo Man in 35mm with the director there for a post-screening Q&A made it, aside from Cox’s completely wrongheaded opinion on Black Flag aside (you can hear me booing for a second), a pretty special night.

Check out the Kickstarter that Cox talks about for Bill the Galactic Hero.