Quick Hits on: Moneyball – Bennett Miller (2011)

-Admittedly, this film has some of the most awkward pacing I’ve ever seen, but I don’t feel that it detracts from the story in any way. It manages to stay lively and vital even when the pace drags its ass along the floor a little. The slow feel is felt most during the passages told through news and radio reports and call-in shows, which detract from the “insider” status the film grants. But it’s important stuff, sadly. A lot of times it’s fan ire that gets coaches and managers the boot, and also it’s a deep part of the story that all of the fan frustration fell to Billy Beane for his odd strategy and all of the praise to Art Howe for somehow managing his way around Beane’s weird statistic-driven nonsense.

-I don’t have a lot of patience for the baseball people who thought this was shoddily made just because some of it didn’t happen. It’s a movie. Look “movie” up in the dictionary. It should say, “noun, not real life”. But I love that two of the baseball guys who were portrayed in the film, then A’s coach Ron Washington and Indian’s GM Mark Shapiro, thought the film was good.

-And that’s the bottom line: the film is good. Damn good. Pitt plays the role of Beane nicely, and I really think Jonah Hill is going to get a Best Supporting Actor nod for his portrayal of the fictional Peter Brand. He’ll deserve it if he gets it. Director Bennett Miller could have gone a little deeper I felt, especially with the Billy Beane back story. It did lack a little bit of a connection to the main story, especially since its blows its load so early when Beane calls Brand up in the middle of the night to find out where Brand would have drafted him. The flashbacks read a lot sharper in Aaron Sorkin’s draft of the screenplay. Sorkin’s screenplays are a must read for me. Whether it is beg, borrow or steal, they are always worth the trouble it takes to track them down.