“Hugo”, Marty, Papa Georges and 3D


Being so busy last week, I didn’t get to see Martin Scorsese’sHugo until Monday afternoon, and I didn’t finish getting my thoughts in order until today. Initially, I was cold on the whole idea of Scorsese making a kid’s film, and in 3D.

3D?! Marty? Et tu Brute?

However, I stand corrected. I stand flogged with my own anti-3D conviction, honestly. I started to warm up to the idea of Hugo a few weeks ago and tried extremely hard to avoid every single review from the NYFF screening, and any subsequent screenings (despite dutifully gathering the links for the Roundup).

What I saw on that screen (and in front of it) was magic. The kind of magic to which you can only reply, “guh”, while sitting slackjawed in amazement. It was the same magic that Melies coaxed out of his camera 100 years ago, just in an extra dimension. How Melies would have loved this extra dimension. It was such a soft, deft, often subtle use of the medium, one that ran contrary to every other 3D film I’ve seen in the past. There was no shit flying in your face, despite many opportunities — none greater than the train stopping short of young Hugo (Asa Butterfield).

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